Best Online Dating Sites: Found your Soulmate yet?

Since the initial stage of internet and technology, men and women have contemplated the ways that might help them express their needs and wants in the opposite sex and form meaningful relationships. The growing popularity of the Internet in the mid-to-late 1990s provided the singles looking for the one with a new context making online dating as the second highest online industry for paid content in the world.

The South African online dating websites, or those available for South African singles, fortunately address every criterion: race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, profession, and various hobbies. While meeting someone with the same values is not guaranteed, at least these specifications help to find someone who meets at least some of your needs and preferences.

In the infinite world of growing online dating services, it’s not easy to identify the websites for specific needs. In order to find the best services, you will need to do personal research and check out how particular websites operate.

There are online websites and services that require more financial commitment to your goal of finding the one. By investing certain amount of money, some more prestigious sites might prove to be more effective. If you want some more pocket-friendly options, you will have to deal with basic membership plans or use fewer filters, which, on the other hand, may be more time-consuming.

What you need to know before diving in…

To be successful in online dating, you should clearly define your own relationship goals. If you are looking for a fling, then you may use the website where the incomplete profiles are a common thing. If you are looking for a South African woman or man for serious relationship goals, then more organized services that require valid and complete profiles are your best bet!

In choosing the right website, you will probably need to assess the level of your commitment in terms of time spending on written communication. A research conducted by Duke behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely, the author of “Predictably Irrational” found that each date with a potential online mate requires about six hours of searching for people and exchanging messages.  This is why, South Africans who are workaholics or are highly focused on their career, may feel comfortable using online dating websites that offer mobile services as well, such as iOS and Android apps.

There are no online websites that are 100% free of possibilities of scamming. To avoid Internet fraud, you should focus more on person’s behavior, rather than the platform where communication takes place. However, there are more reliable and well-organized websites that are monitored more professionally compared to others, which reduces the risk of meeting a scammer.

Based on the criterion and factors mentioned above, here are most trustworthy websites that are highly preferred by South African singles!


AfroIntroductions was founded in 2002. With 2.5 million users and 15 years of successful experience, AfroIntroductions still helps South African singles orient in an immense ocean of dating world. Its success is due to being a part of Cupid Media network popular in the USA, and a number of European and African countries.

This makes AfroIntroductions culturally diverse and more thoughtful about adopting diverse tools to satisfy even the choosiest South Africans’ requirements and preferences. The full customization of profiles, privacy and notification settings is another positive feature of AfroIntroductions.

South Africans are less likely to experience the popular romantic criminal epidemic of scamming in AfroIntroductions, as female users are usually asked to prove their identity. Online relationships “can be ‘hyperpersonal’ — more strong and intimate than physical relationships,” says Monica Whitty, a psychologist in her 2008 book, Truth, Lies and Trust on the Internet

Nowadays, the dating industry is worth about $2.4 billion and AfroIntroductions is not an exception. Online dating, like any other industry, requires active spending. For example, and eHarmony, the two largest U.S. online dating websites cost $42 and $60 per month respectively.

If you can afford some expensive Premium membership plans of AfroIntroductions, which is considered the well-known unfavorable trait of the website, then the South African romantic dream is within arm’s reach!

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13 million singles and 2000 new couples per month are two things that pop into mind, when a South African experienced in online dating talks about EliteSingles, one of the leading global dating sites in the world!

A busy South African single will find EliteSingles to be very timesaving, as the website is known for its well-developed privacy, filtering, and verification settings. EliteSingles offers extremely detailed online matching system with a standard questionnaire focusing on 29 personality traits.

A study by Norton and his colleagues, including Dan Ariely of MIT and Jeana Frost of Boston University, shows that members of online dating sites get disappointed very quickly when they find fewer numbers of traits with their potential date. Hopefully, EliteSingles has recognized the importance of filters that might help their users to find more traits and similarity with other singles. The user have comprehensive profiles with highlighted similarities making it near to impossible for any South African to meet someone who does not meet their preferences and does not share their interests and/or values.

What South African single may find tedious is a bit complicated signup process. EliteSingles also lacks the search option. And like AfroIntroductions, premium membership plans are not that pocket-friendly.

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Unlike AfroIntroductions and EliteSingles, Single2Meet, designed by South Africans, is 100% free without any hidden costs. The website has over 163K visitors per month, and 93,0% of the traffic comes from South Africa!

The members of the website may send anonymous email to other members, which has both pros and cons. Shy South African men and women may initiate contact remaining completely anonymous. As they feel comfortable, they can reveal identity, which creates a safe space for shy people who are not experienced in online dating. Of course, users may decide if they want to respond to anonymous message.

The registration in Single2Meet is a very easy process. Once you have created a profile, you may look for others based on their location, age and relationship status.

Single2Meet has some disadvantages as well. The members of Single2Meet cannot use URLs, email addresses, telephone numbers, street addresses and even last names in their messages. The users also cannot use a live chat.

More about singles2meet can be found here


To be successful in your online dating journey, you should answer two questions: Who exactly are you looking for, and where to find them (which South African online dating websites are relevant to your needs)? We hope we could help you find the answers!

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