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Love, we all want it, and we all will look for it at some point in our life. For some of us, it comes to us and we are lucky. For others, it’s not so easy, and therefore, spend many years trying to find the “right one.”

Finding love in South Africa has changed mightily. You may not prefer the bar scene, or going out to the clubs. You may like a quiet setting and the chance to get to know someone without the noisy distractions.

Enter online dating. Online dating is a big hit these days as hundreds of companies and brands exist for people like you to search for the right life companion. Unfortunately, where there’s good, there’s also bad. Fortunately, you have this review, that weeds out the bad and gives you the pertinent information needed to find the love of your life and avoid countless hours on a bad dating site. In this review, you find out:

What Date Club has to offer you.

The good and bad about Date Club.

The verdict of Date Club and whether I can recommend it for you.

Without further delay, here is everything you need to know with regards to Date Club for South African singles.

What Is Date Club?

Date Club is a social networking site with an emphasis on dating. It’s set up almost like any popular dating site, like Facebook or Instagram. The only difference is, these aren’t friend and family members, but rather singles in South Africa looking for the same thing you are…Love.

On Date Club, you can look for romance, friendship, or if you aren’t ready for a commitment, you can find a casual encounter.

Once you enter the mobile site, you will notice an easy to navigate and comfortable browsing abilities. That’s because Date Club’s services are provided by the company, Bopelo. Bopelo offers web design services to a few sites like Date Club, Bible Club, and Jamble. As of writing this review, there was no available information for when these companies were founded.

Legal 411

Date Club offers its services to four different countries such as, Ireland, Kenya, U.K, and South Africa. With that in mind, Date Club is in accordance within the jurisdiction powers of British Virgin Island.

Keeping the company in line, Date Club is a member of WAPSA (Wireless Application Service Providers Association), which enforces strict guidelines in regards to code of conduct. To stay affiliated, the company must act with the best interest of WAPSA’s reputation and you.

Membership Features And Cost

Date Club offers an exciting platform for you to engage anywhere at anytime with other South African singles. They differ from many dating sites, that just offer a profile with information about that person, and that’s it. With Date Club, it’s more about being interactive and engaging. You will find their platform intriguing and exciting.

A user’s subscription package cost R2.50 per day. That does seem a bit steep but the benefits that come along with it may make it worth it for you.

What sets this site apart from other’s like DatingSA, is that it’s focus is in building a community rather than just a hunt. Some of their features are rather innovative like:

Create Wishes: This is a cool option you can use to create a wish or apply for someone’s wish. How’s it work? Example, someone you may be interested in writes, “looking to have a drink with a male age 30-36.” You would, in turn, apply for that offer and for your sake they would say yes.

Date Club Lounge: The theory is to create more of a community bulletin on this site. Yes, the prerogative is to find love, but friendship along with conversation, and meaningful at that, is also stressed. You can talk about dating, ask for advice, or just simply rant about your bad day.

Live News Feed: Some of the top dating sites like OkCupid, PlentyofFish, or don’t offer this. Date Club gives you the chance to see what other member’s are doing and saying. You can also find out what movies are playing nearby, write a review, share a recipe, etc.

Send virtual gifts, view horoscopes, use the love calculator and much more.

The format is set up in English, and you simply just put in your mobile phone number, and your provider to join. You must have I.D. and be the age of 18 years old.

The Strengths

Original: The sites has many original ideas and tools for you to use while you’re on the prowl for your soulmate. Dating shouldn’t be stressful, and it can be fun with the features Date Club offers.

Easy to use: You are literally only a click away from joining the site once you jump on the homepage. You don’t have to spend an hour creating a profile and entering a bunch of information. It’s very simple and quick registration process.

Entertaining and Fun: The site is different from other dating sites. This mobile app gives you the chance to shine as a single with the community board and news feed. Sometimes it’s best to stop trying so much, and to let your guard down by engaging with other users about recipes or checking out horoscopes.

The Weaknesses

The cost: I do think the price is a little steep for a person trying it out. Sure, it’s by the day, which means you can cancel at anytime. A free membership, or trial would be better fitting for a new user.

Lack of background information: Date Club is basically a subsidiary of Bopelo Trading and a member of WAPSA. But who runs the nuts and bolts? That information is missing and even on Bopelo’s webpage there’s no mention in when they started, what their focus is, or background information. You deserve to know who is behind the product.

Unclear about how many members are on the site. I would like to see a rough estimate or an idea on how many people are actually on the site. If the site lacks members, it may not be worth your time. This would clear up concerns.

Diversity: I know this will sound absurd, but you may not need all these included gadgets. While I find them fun and helpful, you may require less filler and more substance. Meaning, you just want the profiles, the information, and the chance to talk to them without all the fancy features.

The Verdict Is In…

The cost really jumped out at me, and there isn’t a free trial or anything for a new user to look at and consider before jumping in and spending their money. This is a setback for Date Club.

The verdict is in… I can recommend Date Club for your dating needs. The site is easy to navigate, trustworthy, has a unique brand, and on top of that, they put the fun back in dating. Dating doesn’t have to be miserable, and when it’s bland and full of desperate profiles, then it is that. With Date Club, you will have fun, while getting to know some great and friendly people in an engaging atmosphere.

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