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We find love in mysterious places; one of which is the DateCorner. While meeting by chance creates some of the best matches, it isn’t the only way you can find love. In a bid to diversify the places people meet, the online scene is blooming. There are more and more people meeting through dating sites, and the DateCorner is one of the best sites for men and women looking for love.

This site has been created by South Africans for South Africans to find love in South African cities and towns.

About DateCorner

This is one of the leading online dating sites in South Africa targeting men and women from all walks of life. This site was born to meet the needs of individuals who couldn’t find love the traditional way. It works like most other online dating sites where members use their nicknames to sign up.

To narrow down your search, you will be required to select the province you come from in the location box.

Besides location, this site lets you find your partner depending on your interests, hobbies and your profession too, but only if you’d like to share that information.

You can find men and women in the men and women’s galleries respectively.


English is the language the site runs on. This is because English is an international language. It also makes the site inclusive of residents looking for love.

Website design

DateCorner features a simple website design with easy to use tabs and visible fonts. Thought it is easy to use – it isn’t cluttered, it isn’t responsive. That means that accessing the site from a small device is difficult. At the same time, there is no mobile app through which you can access the website.

This website is also easy to use, safe, secure, and private. The site is run in English, and as a local site, it caters to most individuals with access to the internet.

The setup of this dating site is such that you have to join the site for you to view all the profiles on the site.

Unfortunately, the authenticity of the site cannot be vouched for. This is because, though there is a note on the safety of the system, there are no testimonials that could make you trust the site. Although the dating site has been in operation since 2012, there is no evidence of successful dates.

At the same time, the design isn’t unique, and it almost looks like a copy of other websites.

Signup process and usability

The signup process takes about one minute. You need to input your details which include your sex, who you are looking for, your email address, nickname, birthdate, password and your province. Once you input all the details, you can find your match.

The login process requires your email address and your password as is the case with all other login processes.


  • · The site is easy to use
  • · Use of the site is free


  • · The site doesn’t have any accreditation
  • · There are no testimonials or success stories
  • · There is no mobile app
  • · The site isn’t mobile friendly


Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to vouch for or recommend this online dating system because it is a little sketchy. With no success stories or testimonials, it becomes hard to direct you to the site if you are looking for love. At the same time, the website design isn’t responsive. This means that anyone trying to access the site via their mobile device will have a hard time reading everything on the site. I would take a look at afrointroductions.

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