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Millions of people every day are wired to an online dating app. It’s almost safe to say that online dating is the way of dating today. Why? Because you can do it from the comforts of your own home, and it feels safer, securer, and let’s face it, it’s like window shopping, where you have all of the control.

However, there are tons of sites out there claiming to have a winning formula to bring you and your long, lost lover together. This isn’t always the case, and online dating can be frustrating if you sign up and join the wrong dating site.

Online dating doesn’t have to be hard. You will be armed with the right knowledge, and all of the useful information needed to make a decision on joining a dating site after reading this review. Here’s what you should expect from this article:

Membership features

The benefits and disadvantages of using

The verdict: Will I recommend this site to you or not?

You’re ready to date, so let’s jump in and tell you everything you need to know about DatingSA.

Who Is DatingSA And What Can They Do For You?

DatingSA is a site devoted to linking “sexy single South Africans” up with one another using their website. The site launched back in 2011, and claims to have over 500,000 South African singles using their services.

Operated by the Venntro Media Group LTD, an online dating service company, that provides software to dating sites around the world. The dating site is located in Windsor, United Kingdom, and is registered under the laws of England.

DatingSA is powered by White Label Dating, a reputable company which develops their brand for them. The site is fairly simple to navigate and is formatted in an easy to read English text.

You can use your phone to sign up, but you’ll get better results by using a computer, as they don’t have a mobile platform for the site.

If you go to their homepage you’ll notice that they have a variety of platforms for dating, such as:

  • Mature Dating.
  • Single Parents Dating.
  • Casual Encounters Only.
  • Single Black Dating.
  • Christian Dating.

And more..

That’s a great step in the right direction for you because it gives you choices and the options you want when you go and put yourself out on the market.

DatingSA prides itself in being one of the best sites for online romance, friendship, and dating. As a free member, you simply just go to their register screen and put in:

  1. Your sex.
  2. Your name.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Email.
  5. Create password.

After that, you’ll just hit join and agree to their terms of use.

Your free profile will keep things fairly limited. You get a free “Ice Breaker” message, unlimited winks, and email alerts from when someone views your profile or adds you to their “favorites list.” That’s a nice touch, but it’s not going to get you any closer to finding romance. In order to do so, you’ll have to join their membership.

Membership And Navigation

As noted above, you are limited in what you can do with the free membership. So, in order to get results, you’ll have to join their paid membership. Here’s a taste of what their paid membership offers:

Instant Messaging: If you’ve ever delved with dating sites, then you know full well that this a great feature to have. Sites like Plenty of Fish used to offer this and did away with it. This speeds up the whole getting to know another person process.

Member Feeds: I like this feature, I think it gives you a better understanding of a person. Rather than see the same old headline of a profile, it allows you to get changing thoughts from different profiles.

Multiple Photos: Uploading more than one photo of yourself doing things you love is the key to catching someone’s attention. Having only one picture can be misleading about you.

Unlimited Winks: I, personally, am not a huge wink fan. I find it rather lazy and annoying. But, when you are lost for words then it’s a fine way in reaching out.

Private Messaging

See who’s viewed you.

Create and read dating diaries: Interesting feature for entertainment purposes.

The full membership seems to be the only plan available, and it is easy to sign up. Once you are confirmed, you’ll receive an email notification. The good thing about this site is that they don’t share your information with third parties and other members. The site is fully protected by a reputable company called Online Dating Protector.

The Strengths

Free to join: More and more sites are living by the model of charging a premium for something nobody knows what they are getting. I think that is a mistake on that company. The good thing about DatingSA, is that they at least give you some free access to see if the site works for you.

Geographically Focused: South African personals only. While that seems a little inclusive and exclusive, I find it much easier and better when a site restricts your search and limits the area of available singles. This will make your dating search more productive.

Creative and constructive features like the , private messaging, and instant messaging will speed up the dating process and allows for a more intimate feel.

Easy to navigate. The site isn’t full with a bunch of ads and the speed of getting to another page is pretty expedient.

Secure: This is a biggie. Being active on sites without a secure setting is asking for a plethora of identity theft issues. Not only is the site quality assured and secure by SSL for safe dating, but it also keeps your privacy confidential without sharing your information to third party spam sites.

The Weaknesses

The membership price should be listed. DatingSA does list the benefits and rewards a member gets with much transparency, however, they lack transparency in giving the cost of membership. This should be out in the open.

You can’t make up a nickname. I find that odd, some people prefer nicknames. While this isn’t a huge travesty, it is enough to discourage some from signing up.

About us section is thin with information. I don’t know about you, but when I’m going to spend money on a brand or product, I want to know a little bit about who is selling it. Not only did I have to investigate when they launched their site, I had to send an email to get a price and to find out the demographics. DatingSA should list how many males and how many females are on the site when you first navigate their page.

The Verdict Is In…

Unless you are absolutely desperate to date someone in South Africa, then there’s really no reason to join the site.

No, it’s not a scam and I do think your information is well protected. That said, there isn’t anything that really stands out and pops the collar about this dating platform. The fact that DatingSA wasn’t open and forthcoming about their membership rates signaled to me that they may not be forthcoming about other matters in the future.
The verdict is in… if you want to find love, I’d recommend you go somewhere else with better features, more versatility, and transparency about their company and prices.

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