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Gay dating can be burdensome and almost impossible in some countries. Meeting someone on a conventional date can be time consuming and frustrating. But, with the introduction of online dating platforms, dating has been simplified. It’s quite simple, open an account, load your profile and start interacting with other people. The internet has broken the social barrier that was present when dating. You get to socialize with people from across the globe; which saves you time and resources. Online dating reduces the chance of meeting the wrong person because you go on a date after interacting for some time.

Gayxchange Features

This is an international online dating site with men from different nationalities. You have thousands of gays ranging from bisexual and transsexual. Once you log in to the site you will be asked to fill in some personal details like email address, location and your date of birth. You will also be prompted to either use your name or chose a nickname. Finally, you fill out your sexual preference, whether gay or bisexual. Your profile is now ready and you can start searching for a suitable partner.

Gayxchange has a messaging feature that lets you chat dates easily. The moment someone shows interest in your profile, they can send you a message for you to connect. You can include them as your friends. Gayxchange has a very user friendly website that is easy to navigate. You are also able to view the number of friends a user has. You can block annoying members. You can also swap pictures with interested members.

The site comes with a very easy to use search filter. Gayxchange has men from all over the continent; many nationalities are covered. You can choose to search men from a particular country; let’s say Australia or have men from across the globe in your search. You can view gay profiles on the platform. Each profile will include personal details about the person like height, preference, location, education levels, whether one wants children or not and whether a smoker or not.

Once you like a certain profile, you can send an icebreaker message. This can be a simple ‘hi’ note, just to show the other person you are interested. You can add the person as a friend or engage them in a chat. The site allows one to join with their Facebook page; which is way easier as the server picks your details when logged in. You can also check members who are currently online and chose to send them a message.

Gaxchange app is available in Google play and iOS App store. You can easily download this small app on your smartphone and you can continue enjoying your favorite site on the go. The App alerts you anytime someone comments on your profile and you can easily chat and send friend requests through your mobile phone.

Members are asked to take great care when giving out personal details. In case you suspect someone is a scam, you alert the site administrators who may block the person. However, there is nothing they can do once you have started exchanging contacts. After meeting a person online and you realize that this is the one, you can send them your contacts and take your dating somewhere else. What you do after that is totally up to you; caution is usually advised when meeting people online.


  • The App is very convenient and works well on many smartphones
  • The site is easy to set up and signing can be done in seconds
  • You have an advanced search that lets you narrow down profiles to specifics hence saving time
  • The chat lets you interact with members on the go.
  • The site is free to enter with and easy registration system
  • Administrators of the site take great care to lock out scammers
  • Well-designed website with an easy to use layout
  • You get members from across the globe


  • The site is very plain with no fun games or discussion forums

Customer reviews

Most customers found the site easy to log in and set up account details. Customers were impressed with the large database that had a lot of international members from across the globe. Customers said they were able to interact with members easily and some actually found life partners.


One impressive thing about the site is the variety of members. You have people from across the globe. The chat system enables you to know members before you proceed to the next level. The site was not a target for scammers, but caution is advised. Setting up on the site is quite straightforward and takes a few seconds. You are also able to view other member’s profiles and show an interest by sending an icebreaker. The advanced search feature lets you locate members in seconds, hence saving you time.

Dating is a complex affair and everyone is out there protecting their heart first. With Gayxchange you are able to find your ideal partner without wasting a lot of time. There is also the issue of scammers, who are constantly looking for victims. The site is legit but members need to exercise care with whom they interact with. Do not share your contact details till you are sure about the person. Also, do not send money to anyone.

This easy to use site is your gateway to bliss; with many members you will surely find someone who interests you.

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