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Dating is scary for some people. You may have had a bad previous bad experience and had your heart broken. For some people the very thought of meeting new people fills them with dread. But, this does not have to be the case. Welcome to the world of online dating. You do not have to go on numerous dates to the park or the coffee café; your partner is a click away. Online dating lets you meet a lot of awesome people online, who can interact with anonymously before making that decision to take the relationship to the next level.

Meetmarket Features

This a South African Gay online dating site, that enables men to interact with other gay men. You have bisexual, transsexual and just curious men. This is a free to register site with easy log in features. The sites mission is to create the biggest community of gay men. The site has taken steps to block fake profiles by the introduction of videos.

The site is very easy to set up and you are registered in seconds. You will also be required to set up your username and password. You can choose to upload a profile picture or create a video of yourself. Videos are one of the best ways to interact as you lock out a lot of fake accounts. Once you upload your video members can like it and send you a message if they show interest. Users have been able to create funny videos which have been shared widely.

Meetmarket is easily downloaded from Google App or iOS store hence ensuring that you do not miss out on anything. You will get notifications whenever someone sends you a message or likes your profile. The App comes with a chat messaging which lets you socialize with other members.

There is no limit to number of videos you can upload. The app is also absolutely free; no hidden charges. You also can interact with anyone you like and chat with as many people as you like. You are not also limited to the content that you chose to send; there is little supervision of this. The site administrators have taken great care to check for fake accounts, the site been free. Users are however advised to take care who they meet online and to avoid sharing sensitive information before fully knowing a person. After you start sharing personal information, what happens beyond that is left to the members.

You have an advanced search that lets you search members through specific characteristics. Members usually upload some personal information which you can view and if you find someone you like just send them a message or chat with them. Through GPS you are also able to find a single within your location. You then can easily connect for a date. The site has match making capabilities hence giving you various suggestions.

Meetmarket has been at the forefront in promoting gay community. They usually host gay events which is another way for gays to interact outside the platform. They will be present hosting competitions.


  • You can easily sign in and set up your username and password
  • You can upload unlimited videos and pictures
  • The chat lets you interact with many people
  • You can easily find people near your location and go for a date
  • The site has many members hence giving you a wide choice of singles
  • Videos help lockout many scammers



  • You are limited to gays from one nationality

Customer review

Customers found the site to be easy to use and set up. The videos are what really pulled customers to the site. The fact that you can upload unlimited videos and chats on their platforms. Users found the web design to be customer friendly with instant response to chats. Customers however, where restricted to members from one nationality.


The site is absolutely free and their no hidden charges. You have a large community of South African gay men who you can choose from. The site is very easy to set up and you will be interacting with members within minutes. We found the meetmarket app very easy to download and it consumes very little space; though you will need adequate storage for videos and high performance phone and internet connection. The videos are what have made the site very popular. Very few dating sites allow you to upload unlimited videos. You can watch and like other member’s profiles.

Online dating has changed how people interact. Gone are the days when finding your ideal match would take months and even years. With meetmarker you are surely bound to meet someone who meets your interest in no time. So log in to their site and start meeting awesome people at no fee. If you like their videos and profiles then make sure to make your intentions known. Enjoy unlimited chats with no worry of meeting fake accounts.

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