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This is a site for people who are looking for their significant other. You may have gone for dates, only to be disappointed. Online dating provides a unique way to interact with new people; whether for the long-term or just a casual fling. With online dating you get to know a person well before deciding to go on a date with them. You can choose to break up even before the first date. This saves you time; you also kiss less frogs. Online dating sites can be free; subscriptions based or incorporate your sexual preferences – whether you like girls, boys or both.

Mingle2 Features

This is a site that is rumored to have sent six million messages amongst members since inception. This free online dating site is very easy to set up; you will be done with the registration in about 30 seconds. When you log in to their site the first thing you will see is their homepage. Here you enter your email address, Name, date of birth and sexual preferences. You then will be asked to sign up with a username and password. Other information you will add include reasons for joining the site and you can then upload your profile photo. You are now good to go.

The search feature in Mingle2 is quite detailed. You can use search filters to locate people in your area. The advanced search feature is more detailed; you can filter whether one has children, height, color, ethnicity, education, religion and whether one is smoker or not. You can also check who’s online at the moment and send a message to them. Mingle2 has a match making game which encourages users to mutually match. You select whether you are interested in a person by clicking ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’.

When you have located a person you may like you can nudge her which is like Facebook pokes but, here you can blow a kiss to someone, send a big hug, kick in the butt or just wink at them. You also need to have filled all the fields on your profile so that you can appear in the search results. Users are usually required to state their reason for joining the site; dating, friendship or intimate encounter. This prevents users from wasting time on people who do not have similar interests.

Mingle2 is available for download on both Android and iOS apps. This enables you not to miss anything that is happening on your account; you also get instant notifications whenever there is interest in your profile or someone sends you a message. Even though Mingle2 is free you can subscribe to have your profile appear on first page on search results; this increases the chances of been found by someone. They also have instant messaging and are reported to have sent over six million messages to date; quite impressive for a startup.


  • A detailed in-depth search option makes location someone easier
  • The signing up process is easy and fast
  • You have an Android and iOS app that keeps you updated on any new developments
  • The Mutual Match ensures you interact with people who are also interested in you.
  • Users are asked to state reasons for joining the site which reduces your chances of meeting unserious people.



  • Lack of fun activities on the platform like games and forums.
  • The site has a lot of pop – up ads which can be very annoying

Customer Reviews

Customers complained about the many ads that run on the site; they can be confusing as you do not know whether it’s a profile picture or ad. There is also more emphasis on the profile photo than the profile information which may lead to more casual relationships. Concern has also been raised by users on the fact that the site does not have a help page; which at times makes navigation of the site a bit complicated.


Mingle2 has an impressive sign up process that takes you very few seconds. You have many people on the site, which improves your chances of meeting someone. You get a very detailed search filter which narrows your search to specific details. The site sent over six million messages since inception, making it quite popular in the United States. With an easy to use App you have all your notifications on the move. The site is free and this at times attracts spammers; you will need to be careful when sending your personal details.

Minge2 lets your state what your purpose on the site is when you are registering. This helps you in making the right decision when meeting someone. If you are interested in a casual or long term relationship, then mingle2 is the way to go. You do get to meet a lot of new people online and interact with them through messages; this is a good dating site for anyone who wants to mingle.

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