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We are all looking for love, some find it easy, and others have to work a little harder. Online dating has proven sufficient for people looking to find someone without the hustle of failed dates and broken promises. Well, in this article we will look at Naaibuddies dating site and find out why you should give it a try.


If you want to forego all the pain and hustle of dating and get going with the fun, you will get that and so much more on Naaibuddies dating site. If you are looking to find hot single women in South Africa, this dating will make that happen for.

It has thousands of members in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Southern Cape, Northern Cape, Cape Town, Limpopo, and Johannesburg. The best part about this site is the fact that the environment is discreet yet fun.

If you are looking for trustworthiness and authenticity than you might want to check out Naaibuddies. It has been around since 2009 are there are positive testimonials of people who have benefited from being on the site. It has opened doors for singles to meet people to have fun with and offers 100% discreetness and safety.

Even though the site is South African, the site is available in English. If you are looking for local women in the country, this site caters for that.


If you are new to the dating sites, no worries because join this site is absolutely free. Millions of people have joined the site and benefitted from it as well. Most of the members on the site are local women. Besides the main essence of the site is to allow single men to meet local single women who are up for a little fun.

The Design of the Site

When you are single, and you’re already finding it difficult to find a date in the real world, nothing can be more frustrating than a dating page that won’t load or isn’t mobile-friendly. This dating site has proven to take keen note of the importance of a fast loading site, and that’s precisely what they offer.

Not only is their site fast, but the design is also mobile-friendly which is a plus since not everyone owns a laptop. The website design is very responsive meaning you can access it on any device you prefer. The website is designed professionally which means that you can trust it.

Is it easy to sign up and use?

Well, when you open the site, the first option you get is the sign-up. There is assurance that once you sign you will find yourself a Naaibuddy. And to add cherries on top, the sign-up process is all free. All you have to do is indicate who you are looking for, that is whether a man or a woman, then indicate your first name and date of birth and you are good to go.

Once you fill in those three critical details, you will be able to create a profile by filling in your personal information and your preferred password. For you to add a photo of yourself, you need to personalize your new account and create a profile plus a description of the kind of partner you are looking for.

Once you do that, you can start browsing through photos of the partners you want. Before signing up, Naaibuddies actually displays a few profiles to give you a rough idea of what you should expect. You will be able to find partners based on their interests, lifestyle preferences, and most importantly location.

After that, all you have to do is initiate communication with the people who seem interested in. Well, after that, you are in for a fun and exciting experience if the member is also involved in you. When you join a dating, you want things more comfortable and faster since the real world doesn’t offer that, and that is precisely what you will get on Naaibuddies.


  • Joining the site is free
  • The signup process is pretty fast and easy
  • The website is professionally done
  • The members, also known as Naaibuddies all want a good time
  • The Naaibuddies cut straight to the chase
  • It has thousands of members all over South Africa
  • The site makes it easy for you to meet singles and have fun


  • Not the best option if you are looking for real and severe number
  • Only best for South Africans


If all you want is a little fun here and there without having to go through the hustle of expensive dates, this site will seek you out with some fantastic local single women. The website is designed professionally which means that you can trust its authenticity.

There are success stories on the site which makes it advantageous and reliable. If you are in South Africa, join and browse photos and profiles of other Naaibuddies in your location.


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