On the Offline and Online Roads to Love – Trusting a Matchmaker

“To be, or not to be?” The famous opening rhetorical phrase by Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet has taken a modern stance – “To trust a matchmaker or an online dating service?” Well, that is the contemporary practical question by many South African singles looking for true love and deep long-lasting connection. If you expect a relevant answer, then you should stop trusting advertising and promotion bans and have your own personal investigation to find out pros and cons of each service.

Trusting a Matchmaking Agency or the Offline Road

Hiring a matchmaker might be your best bet if you want to optimize the process of meeting various candidates to find the right match. The good choice is a well-established and well-known matchmaking agency that has succeeded in creating marital bliss for years.

Well-organized and successful matchmaking agencies usually have a staff equally dedicated and enthusiastic about your relationship goals. Professional matchmakers have counseling qualifications or a university degree in a psychology and/or human resource management.

Companies and professionals in matchmaking industry provide dating services and organize events to accelerate matchmaking possibilities (e.g. speed dating). Professional matchmakers also help their clients’ improve their dating style and communication, and teach the art of developing a healthy relationship. It goes without saying that the string of such services require more financial investment compared to even the most expensive membership plans by the top-notch online dating services.

According to Pew Research Center, 54 % of the singles using online services say that other members have not clearly expressed their true nature, needs or intentions in their online profile.

Matchmaking services craft a relevant profile for their clients thus reducing the risk of misunderstanding between two people. When two single hearts look for love, the urge for romance often blinds them and their subjective perceptions don’t let them make a wise judgment of another person. In an online dating platform, communication takes place between you and the other person, and the initial stage may be crucial in developing false impressions. Matchmaking agencies with psychologists experienced in dating services may help with “objective” view on potential mate and their qualifications.

Some matchmakers serve only male clients, collaborating with the agencies focused on the female clients’ needs. Some matchmaking agencies are designed for both men and women.

South African singles may find their match via MatchVIP dating agency. The Standard Gold Membership for 12 months and 20 minimum guaranteed introductions cost R6 000 for qualifying members. The agency in Johannesburg claims to have the largest active database of Gauteng singles, Cape Town singles and Durban singles.

Social Club a Discreet Professional Dating service www.theonlysocialclub.co.za who helps single professionals in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban find a potential life partner. The website assists business-oriented people who lack sufficient time to meet the right quality candidates.

The Awesome Matchmakers services/ in Cape Town arranges a free, no-obligation follow-up consultation with clients. After completing the online questionnaire with all your details and your match details, you may choose one the most popular three packages. The Classic Package offers a date opportunity with 3 carefully interviewed and chosen matches, and costs R5 000. Premier Package offers one cocktail event with 6-8 matches, and finally, Exclusive VIP Package offers unlimited dating for 6 months based on your matches.

Trusting an Online Dating Service or the Online Road

Online dating expert and coach Julie Spira explains that even offline matchmakers integrate online dating and social media into their business system. And the top-notch websites take their online daters offline with their special events divisions.

Online dating provides singles with access to infinite numbers of potential mates. You can communicate with a large amount of singles in a small amount of time. You are free to explore and find partners of particular personality traits, your preferred type, interests, orientation, values, lifestyle, and residing in specific areas. Hopefully, high-quality online dating sites have advanced systems and algorithms to filter users and guide you toward your potential partner.
Online dating service is rich with opportunities to communicate and know person before arranging a real-life meeting. Digital communication is flexible and commitment-free, allowing for safe and comfortable interaction.

When you meet someone arranged via a matchmaking agency, you meet someone completely unfamiliar. Dates based on the online interaction for a month or two may feel funnier as you have already developed an interest in person enough to arrange a date. You feel you know the person a bit and feel the interaction is usually more engaging and natural.

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If you’re determined about meeting your significant other, then you may choose online, or offline dating or a combination of both as a road to your destination. No matter which, your journey will be interesting and delightful, as it is a journey of love!

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