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Are you happily single but have been considering giving dating a try? Well, how about increasing your chances of meeting someone you may like by signing up as a member of the Singles2Meet dating site? Singles2Meet is a free South African online dating site that brings together eligible bachelors with the most eligible bachelorettes!

About Singles2Meet

Singles2Meet is a South African dating site by South Africans for South Africans. While most renowned dating sites in South Africa expect you to pay for subscription fees and signup fees, this site is 100 percent free; you don’t have to subscribe and, it doesn’t come with age limits. There are no hidden costs. So, you can bet on this site to meet all the desires of your heart without paying a penny – love should come freely, perhaps?

This site has been running for the past few years, and as seen through the testimonials, there are many success stories.


As a country with several metropolitan cities, it is safer to keep people conversing in a language understood by all. For that reason, the site runs entirely in English. Unfortunately, not all members on the site communicate in English meaning for them to find a match, their partner should understand their language.

Website design

As with every pot having a lid, there is a partner for everyone. This dating site does all it can to ensure that everyone visiting the site finds a match. The site’s design is simple, easy to use and, you don’t have to be a technical guru to understand the inner workings of the site.

It features Join, Login, Woman’s Gallery and Man’s Gallery tabs. These tabs make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The Woman’s gallery is for all men and women looking for women to date or flirt with. The man’s gallery, on the other hand, is for all men and women looking for men to flirt with or to date. Both the Woman’s and Man’s gallery make searches for potential partners easy by giving age ranges as well as profiles of the women and men available in each category.

The login and the join tabs take you to the form requiring your membership details for access.

The website design is professionally done. It is mobile responsive and easy to access on small screens. It also loads fast, and it is specific to the South African dating scene. That means that it is easy to find the site.

All the aspects of the site are user-friendly.

Signup process and usability

The website’s signup process is simple. It works like any other signup process with a few differences in the type of information you feed into the blanks.
If you are a new member, you need to click on the Join tab. Once on the page, you’ll be required to enter your details. You have to state if you are a man or a woman and who you are looking for. When signing up, you have to add the age range for your dream partner. You can’t your real name but a nickname. You’ll need to include your email address, birthdate, and your location as well before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service. Once you feed in all the information, you sign up and find your match.
When visiting the site for your second or tenth time, you’ll have to enter your email address plus password.

Easy, isn’t it? The only downside to using this site is that there isn’t a Singles2Meet app yet. Mobile apps enhance online dating experiences.
Since it is a free online dating platform, you won’t have to put off the signing up process because you are broke. Besides, why would you want to pay for love?
While the use of email makes it professional, a dating site would work better with a private component – perhaps this is a way to find serious people; emailing is more work compared to texting anyway!


  • It is easy to use, and the website design makes it easy to maneuver.
  • It is free, and there are no subscription fees asked.
  • The website is responsive and easily accessible through mobile devices.


  • It doesn’t say how long the site has been in existence
  • There is no mobile app to simplify access and use
  • You have to send emails to members rather than a text.


We recommend Singles2Meet dating site as one of the best South African dating sites where men and women can meet, flirt or date whoever they’d like to. The system is safe, private and secure so you don’t have to worry about your private information getting out to the public. There are no hidden fees, and it is free. Also, the website design is professional. With thousands of people who’ve had success at love through the site, you can trust to find your partner.

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