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We often dream of spending our remaining time on earth with someone we love. Love is the most beautiful thing that we can experience as humans. You may have searched for your soul mate and after several years you may be giving up. But, have you tried online dating?

You may be tired of going for numerous dates then facing one disappointment after another. Online dating lets you create an online profile and then connect with other members who are on the platform. You can narrow down to specific details that you are looking for in a partner.

Features that make Thunderboltcity a unique site

Thunderboltcity is an online dating site that is located in South Africa. The site is run by The Dating Lab (TDL) and is among the many dating sites that they run. The site has grown to become one of the largest online dating services in South Africa. You have over 100,000 profiles to choose from. They have a match making facility that increases your odds of meeting that perfect partner. The site is available in both English and Afrikaans.

The site is very easy to log in; you just need to create a username and password. You can also join with your Facebook page. Thunderbolt is a secure site where client confidentiality is maintained; they have taken great steps to ensure that there no spammers. The subscription fees ensure that you do not have jokers on the site; the profiles listed are of very mature people.

The site is subscription based with the premium subscription enabling you access all key features. Only paid subscribers can create custom messages to other members but setting up a profile and sending one liner messages is free. You are able to hide your profile from viewers; your profile can be seen by other members in other TDL related dating sites. This increases your chance of meeting a partner.

The site works in a very simple way; you set up a profile detailing who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. You then can search for a person with traits that you like while other users view your profile. Once you have identified an interest you can send them a message using your username. Privacy is ensured because you do not use your email address but the username; other members can also send you messages.

The site also has an easy to use app called TDL; you can download it on Google App store for Android phones and App store for iOS. The app enables you to get instant notifications when you have a new message or someone shows interest in your profile. This ensures that you do not miss out when your lifetime partner shows interest in your profile.


  • The site has subscription fees which help lockout spammers.
  • The TDL app is easy to use and lets you get instant notification when someone shows interest in you.
  • Secure site that takes a lot of care of customer information
  • It is easy to log in and set up an account
  • The site is very user friendly
  • They have a very professional customer care center that quickly responds to queries.
  • Your Profile is shared in other TDL dating sites, hence increasing your chances.



  • Subscription rates lock out some people who may not be able to afford the fees charged.
  • They have only people from one nationality – South Africans


Customer Reviews

Customers liked the fact that there were very scammers on the site; which may be due to the fact that it’s not entirely free. Customers liked the website layout, which was found to be very user friendly. Some young people however said that the profiles listed where of middle aged people.



This is a very mature and regulated site run successfully by TDL dating services in South Africa. You are assured of confidentiality and security; your username instead of email address is the one displayed when connecting with members. You get a friendly app, which lets you know when a potential user has shown interest in you. The site is limited to South Africans which serves only one nationality; the languages used include English and Afrikaans.


The Dating Lab running this site shares your profile in other sites run by them; your chances of meeting your soul mate are highly increased. This is site I would recommend to anyone who is looking for their soul mates online. The administrators are very professional and will guide you through the way. The site been subscription based has very few reports of scams. You are assured that your information is secure. This is a site for those who are tired of getting conned online and are looking for a mature, stable relationship. It is time to locate your soul mate.

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