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Humans are interactive beings; we need each other to survive. Some people are born with that talent to make friends easily, while others struggle with conversations. In the past, in order to meet new people you had to visit the library, go to the café or gather all your courage to strike a conversation on the morning shuttle. Some people dread the awkwardness of meeting new people; which leaves you sweating. But, with online dating sites meeting new people has never been this easy.

Waplog Features

This is a Social Network site that has changed how you meet new people. The app is available on Google Apps and is compatible with most Android phones and tablets. This is a free to download app that uses a social media platform. You are able to comment and tag friends just like you do on Facebook and Twitter. This one of the fastest growing social network site with more than 60 million users; making friends has never being this easy.

The application is free and there no hidden charges. Finding friends is easy as you have a smart suggestion that lets you find your perfect match. You also get unlimited socializing with your new friends on Waplog. The app has received a lot of customer reviews online.

You can set up your profile in minutes through a very user friendly interface. The app shows you who has viewed your profile and you can chose whether to engage them or not. An additional search feature lets you search with keywords; which narrows down the results. You are also able to unlock additional content and features through their in store purchase feature.

The Waplog app lets you log in with your Twitter and Facebook accounts; this saves you time when registering. The app supports a variety of languages and with search filters you are able to find suitable friends faster. The app is optimized with a GPS tracker that helps locate friends near you. When you log in you can easily see how many users are from your country. With over 50 nationalities featured in the site you are assured of meeting someone you like.

The chat feature is one of the most used on the App. You are able to locate friends and then have live chats with them; interacting has never being this easy. In case there is someone you suspect to be a spam simply block them or report them to site administrators. You can also unfriend friends you do not wish to continue interacting with.

Waplog is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve your experience. They have been busy fixing bugs that where causing problems with the app and have added performance improvements to make the app faster. You also have to say goodbye to those scammers as the app gets added security features.


  • You can log in with your Facebook and Twitter account
  • You can interact with members using the live chat on your smartphone.
  • The App allows for multiple languages
  • A GPS tracker lets you locate friends near you
  • With over 60 million members you are assured of finding friends
  • Search filters which make your search more specific and fast
  • The App is compatible with most smartphones
  • You can comment and tag friends



Users still need to be on the lookout for spammers as the site is free.


Customer Review

Most customers rated the app highly. They said it is very user friendly and easy to download. Customers liked the fact you have an app that operates just like Facebook, you can comment and tag friends on your posts and photos. You get to chat with a variety of people, and it’s absolutely free; no hidden charges.


This App has changed how we interact with new friends. You do not have to spend endless hours searching online for a mate. The moment you load the App, you are given suggestions of members around you. And incase none fits your requirements you can get extra friends from across the globe. The nationalities covered in this app are quite a lot; get over 20 languages. The friendly app lets you take your social interactions wherever you are going, you do not miss anything on the go. The App has received a lot of positive reviews from customers online.

People fear being conned online and living the rest of your life alone is depressing. This interactive social media app has changed how people interact. The probability of meeting your soul mate online has never been easier. You have a user friendly app, with excellent march making abilities. Your friends are waiting for you to make that download that will change your life. This is an App I would recommend for anyone who is crazy about making friends.

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